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Well, been a while sense I wrote in this thing. Can't really say I do it often, don't have much to say I guess xD Though, the reason I'm writing now is more because I have stuff I want to say. A friend of mine posted this video to her facebook and, well, it horrified me. It was in a nutshell, a guy telling a girl that because she was showing skin, it was his right to look and how dare she get offended.

And people agreed with it. The friend posted the video saying, "They make a point. You don't want people to look, cover up."

WHAT THE HELL!? What planet is that okay on? So, a girl can't chose what she wants to wear without worry that people will stare? How are we not saying that the people oogling are the ones that need to change their behavior.

And the best part? All the reasons people defend it boil down to a) "Men can't help but stare." which, bullshit. Men are not the sex craved monsters we like to portray them as that can't control their sexual urges and b) "She was dressed that way, so she was asking for it." Well, hello there rape culture.


So, when I first got my laptop, I had it in my backpack. My friend, Greg, offered to carry the backpack for me, then proceeded to drop the backpack, with my laptop in it. The computer survived alright, but the hinge has slowly been coming away from the main part of the laptop. I finally decided to send it in before my warranty runs out.

They are sending me a box and once I get it sent back in, 7-21 days without a laptop. That's going to suck for homework. I'm hoping I can make my printer work with my desktop or I'll be in trouble =____=

Been awhile

I never really post in this thing, despite being on LJ all the time. I always mean to post more, but, I donno. Never really seems to happen. Either I forget or I feel like it's too whiny, so I don't do it.

Down in Santee with Rhi <3<3<3 The plane down was all bumpy, at that freaked me out a bit, but it wasn't too bad. There was a baby, but it didn't cry at all, always a plus. Though there was this bitchy fucking Grandma that cut Lizzy and I in line. Rude! Plus, she drew on her eyebrows. People in their 80's should not draw on their eyebrows.

I got to go shopping yesterday with my friend Dacia. I had been hoping Alica could come too, but she had to work. It was nice hanging out with Dacia though, that's always really fun. I love anyone that can take my weird sense of humor and roll with it the way she does. But shopping was amazing. I got 4 new pairs of jeans for like $120! Which I needed so badly, as I was down to one pair of jeans that fit well and one pair that didn't really fit well. So I needed some new pants bad. I love how they fit too. I am thinking I want to see about finding a pair of skinny jeans to wear tucked into boots. I really like that look and while skinny jeans and my hips are not friends, I think with the knee high boots, it should be okay.

Because I got the jeans so cheap, Dacia helped me pick out two new shirts. I am really trying to get a more...grown up style. It bugs me how all my clothes are like...jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. With the occasional tanktop/sweater combo thrown in. I'm starting to slowly feel like I am dressing like an adult. I really need to get more shoes some day. That might be my next goal. Well, get rid of the insane amounts I have in my closet for ones that I will actually wear. Shoes are always hard because I have seriously limited options. Most places stop at a 9 or a 9 1/2.

Picked out some makeup with Dacia too. Got some really pretty colors and a foundation. It's been fun getting into makeup. Wish I was better at it, but that will come with practice I suppose. Though, I find it kinnda odd that I'll meet someone now that is into geeky things and because of how I look, they are shocked I play roleplaying games and computer games and such. It's kinnda funny xD My geek cred goes down the more 'normal' I look. Granted, I've been told I really don't look like I should say the things I do. I probably only get away with my twisted sense of humor because I am some what pretty. I doubt people would find it as funny if I was some skudgy, fat guy.

In two days, I am going to Disneyland with Rhi and Lizzy. We are taking Rhi for an early birthday present and I am so excited! I haven't been in forever and it's going to be a blast and a half! I wanna meet all the Princesses and take pictures and ride all the rides! Though Lizzy is limited to me going on the Dumbo ride with her /once./ If she wants to more then that, she's on her own. I refuse to spend my entire trip on that ride xD


.....random note. When I was typing the title for this, you know that little box that suggest things you have typed before? Well....mine suggest Fencing....WITH COCKS. When the hell did I write that? What was I writing about? WTF me....

Anyway xD

I've started taking fencing with Harvey. Lizzy signed up as well, but had to miss the first two classes because of a trip. Holy fucking christ but I am out of shape. Nothing like a hour long class to point of with sweaty clarity just how out of shape one is.

But it's fun and it is a good work out. And obviously, I need it. It's was harder then the water aerobics was =___= Those were the days. But I like it and am looking forward to learning more. Though tonight was a little embarrassing. I was stupid and despite having been kinnda dehydrated this week, I didn't hydrate before class. So I started sweating all over the place, as I do, and then had to go run out side and puke bright pink everywhere (go strawberry lime Jones Soda!). It was hot, let me tell you.

I am pretty fail at it so far, but hopefully I'll pick it up more. I think people can still sign up for the class. I totally recommend it, Monday and Wednesday nights, 7-8. No equipment or experience necessary.

And hey, there is me puking. What more can you want?

RP meme! Fill out please!

1. Who are you?!:

2. Great. How long have we been RP'ing together?:

3. What was your first impression about our RPs? (IE, were you nervous, intimidated, disappointed, impressed, amused, annoyed?):

4. First characters we played together?:

5. Most amusing scene from one of our RPs?:

6. Most depressing?:

7. Sappiest/most romantic?:

8. Cutest couple from our RPs?:

9. Cutest friends?:

10. What's your favorite character that I play? Why?:

11. Least favorite? Why?:

12. Something you'd like to RP/see happen in an RP with me at some point (no matter how random!)?:

13. Name a song that reminds you of one of our couples/one of my characters and why you chose it:

14. Anything in particular that makes my style of RP'ing stand out from others'?:

15. Anything I could improve on?:

16. Character of mine you'd like to see more of?:


Birthday gifts

For anyone that is planning on getting me a birthday gift and not sure what to get me, I want metal lunch boxes 8D I have a bunch of copics and I want to store them in lunch boxes, divided up by color. So...hopefully that is helpful ^__^

Home again

I'm back home safe and sound. Plane didn't crash and burn. I had an amazing time in Cali with Rhi. Comic con was awesome and just being able to touch her was a dream come true. An actual dream that came true.

And now I feel so lonely. Everything felt so right when I was with her. All I want to do right now is cry. Because she isn't /there/ anymore. It's not so much that I have to be with her ZOMG every second of the day or anything. But the fact that she /isn't/ close by, that the option to go see her isn't there that makes it hard.

I've never felt so....right with anyone the way I feel with her. We just clicked instantly. And being with her felt like the most natural thing in the world. That this was the way it was supposed to be. And I liked it.

I got some cool swag at the con. Rhi had gotten my a rather violent teddy bear and two volumes of Maka Maka <3<3<3 That's the manga series I got most of my LJ icons from. It's really beautiful and sweet and romantic. Then I picked up a compilation of the first three Girl Genius volumes, a comic series retelling Grimm's Fairy Tails and Alice and Wonderland that are alright and the arts pretty neat, the special Comic Con Pony (OMG 8DDDDDDD It's so /awesome!/), a Halloween Sora, a Zidain and a butt ton of copic markers. I want to try and learn to color with them, see if I can get okay at it. So far.....<__< Not so much. But I am gonna keep working on it. I think....that is everything. Oh, and a gift for Lizzy as well as her Christmas present



*fangirl spazzes and dies of happy*


Dear Livejournal,

Today I almost died. I hate Black Widows. They are huge and scary and I wanted to cry.




I landed just fine yesterday. No dying in a plane crash. There were about a million kids on the plane though, and that sucked monkey balls. The kid in front of me was a baby too, so s/he/it screamed it's head off during take off and landing. Whoo. Awesome.

I have never had baggage get to the baggage claim so fast. Like....it was there by the time I walked there. Blew my mind! I was a twitchy ball of nervous excitement by then. And then there was Rhi. *happy sigh* She's even prettier in real life then her pictures. And she was super pretty in her pictures. And we both acted like squealing retards and hugged and she's soft and lovely and smells good ^___^

Being with her is...amazing. I wish I had a better word for it. But it's amazing. Part of me is having this epic spaz fest that OH MY GOD I AM WITH RHI!!!!! And the other part of me....it just feels normal and natural and right. She makes me so happy. I've never felt like this with anyone before. We just click together in this amazing, amazing way.

We had a double date with Colleen and her boyfriend Derek last night. We went to a museum that was a lot like the science center. It was really fun! I got some cute pictures from there. Then we went to Denny's for a late dinner.

Today Rhi had to work, so I hung out with Colleen and am gonna see if I can talk Rhi into a movie ^__^ I hate the weather here though. It's waaaaaaaaaay to hot. I don' like it >__< I don't know how people can live here. I feel like I'm melting.

But it's so worth it. Even with the heat.


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