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Home again

I'm back home safe and sound. Plane didn't crash and burn. I had an amazing time in Cali with Rhi. Comic con was awesome and just being able to touch her was a dream come true. An actual dream that came true.

And now I feel so lonely. Everything felt so right when I was with her. All I want to do right now is cry. Because she isn't /there/ anymore. It's not so much that I have to be with her ZOMG every second of the day or anything. But the fact that she /isn't/ close by, that the option to go see her isn't there that makes it hard.

I've never felt so....right with anyone the way I feel with her. We just clicked instantly. And being with her felt like the most natural thing in the world. That this was the way it was supposed to be. And I liked it.

I got some cool swag at the con. Rhi had gotten my a rather violent teddy bear and two volumes of Maka Maka <3<3<3 That's the manga series I got most of my LJ icons from. It's really beautiful and sweet and romantic. Then I picked up a compilation of the first three Girl Genius volumes, a comic series retelling Grimm's Fairy Tails and Alice and Wonderland that are alright and the arts pretty neat, the special Comic Con Pony (OMG 8DDDDDDD It's so /awesome!/), a Halloween Sora, a Zidain and a butt ton of copic markers. I want to try and learn to color with them, see if I can get okay at it. So far.....<__< Not so much. But I am gonna keep working on it. I think....that is everything. Oh, and a gift for Lizzy as well as her Christmas present


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Jul. 29th, 2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
Glad you are home in one piece
I know of the feeling that you have for your Rhi - it is like having your heart ripped from your body and burned at some stake. Damn hard! But unlike myself you may have a few options - if you wish. First, are you still trying to get into Mortician College? And is there one there in California [or wherever Rhi is]?
If so. . . . . think about it!
Again, I am very glad that you had a great time and that you made it home in one piece. Please enjoy the rest of the summer and remember that your b'day is coming up in September --- there are always possibilities.
Jul. 29th, 2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Glad you are home in one piece
Wow xD No worries Todd, it's not that bad. I can still talk to her on the phone and online. But I do miss her a lot.

And I do want to still do that. But I have a lot of schooling to go through before I can enter that program. So that's a ways off still
Aug. 6th, 2009 07:00 am (UTC)
Re: Glad you are home in one piece
Good luck in the training. Just wish it would have been easier for you to transfer to California. Hopefully in a year
or two?
Be well remember that August is supposed to be hottest month of the year around here - so be careful of the heat.
Bye for now.

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