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.....random note. When I was typing the title for this, you know that little box that suggest things you have typed before? Well....mine suggest Fencing....WITH COCKS. When the hell did I write that? What was I writing about? WTF me....

Anyway xD

I've started taking fencing with Harvey. Lizzy signed up as well, but had to miss the first two classes because of a trip. Holy fucking christ but I am out of shape. Nothing like a hour long class to point of with sweaty clarity just how out of shape one is.

But it's fun and it is a good work out. And obviously, I need it. It's was harder then the water aerobics was =___= Those were the days. But I like it and am looking forward to learning more. Though tonight was a little embarrassing. I was stupid and despite having been kinnda dehydrated this week, I didn't hydrate before class. So I started sweating all over the place, as I do, and then had to go run out side and puke bright pink everywhere (go strawberry lime Jones Soda!). It was hot, let me tell you.

I am pretty fail at it so far, but hopefully I'll pick it up more. I think people can still sign up for the class. I totally recommend it, Monday and Wednesday nights, 7-8. No equipment or experience necessary.

And hey, there is me puking. What more can you want?


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Sep. 24th, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
What more could I want?
Personally I would want YOU to be ready for the class, for me to have the time to take a fencing class or so - and then when the time comes have a very long fencing match with YOU.
But since work is necessary - you will just have to prepare to fence with Harvey! BUT I still expect you to be ready for it and do your best to WIN!
It will be one heck of a match.
Please be well and stay healthy!!!!
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